Something that everyone is talking about is cloud this and cloud that, how the cloud makes collaboration easier across different sites, how if a computer fails it doesn’t take the latest revisions with it and how it keeps everyone up to date quickly.


The cloud isn’t a new concept, especially in the IT world. IT people have been working with the cloud since it’s first developed. It is a newer concept for industries outside of IT, the idea that you can have a drafter in LA do a rough draft so the sales person in Chicago can show the customer quickly what the rough draft is, is something that just started.

Cloud software

That is one of the perks of the cloud, someone in one state can draw the plans, and teams in another state can use the plans to create what’s needed. The downside, if you’re someone who’s used to working face to face with the drafter, is that you can’t just walk over to his desk and ask questions or explain potential issues.

With revisions being save in the cloud, you can solve any problems with both of you having drawings up in front of you. It also gets rid of the issue where a computer crashes and takes the revisions with it. This particular problem can take hours or days worth of work before the cloud to keep changes secure.


For companies that collaborate with a lot of drawings, cloud software lets you download pictures in bulk. It saves time and frustration. The old days of only being able to download an image one at a time for large projects would be very frustrating. Project managers can track status’s in the cloud very quickly, all by logging into the software and checking on their work.

As you see there are many uses for cloud software, it can make collaboration easier across different sites, revisions are kept safe from computer fails, and project managers can track status very simple