Can you imagine this?

Have you ever thought that if your data gets in the hand of some enemy or a terrorist, then what will become of you? You should be in prison, or some other punishment will be; given to you. You have to think on this. Manu criminals are using this technique for the wrong deeds. For this purpose, you have to protect your data from the illegal usage.

The information you enter your name, address, credit card and also about your number on the different website should be in the safe hands.


The modern and scientific means to harm you with your data:

Nowadays, the crimes scenes are getting higher and higher. Bundles of them are from the use of your personal and official information. As the world is moving towards the modern technologies, the criminals are also using the current means to steal things and to harm you, and the terrorists are also using your valuable data to blast the world’s peace.

You have to protect your data from everyone whether he/she is your friend or enemy. You always have to give protection to your personal information. I know, it is hard. But GDPR will make you a path for the data protection. Now, you will feel exactly safer from the past 20 years. That is such a good and trustful step taken by the EU.

The important and the basic points to know about GDPR:

These are the things that one must know about this rule. Have a look at them.

  • It doesn’t include the passwords, DOB, pins of the people’s It only includes the IP addresses, SSN, and the relevant location data. Some also include the physical characteristics as gender, race, age and many more of these.
  • All the companies under the Eu are responsible for fulfilling all the rules. If they are getting the data for the identification of male/female, then they should be very careful to handle it legally and also carefully.
  • The data before given to the third party will get the permission of the owner. Before destroying data, the same rule should get

These are the thong that must be known to the person who is giving his/her data on different sites. The data should only be given to the organizations when it is necessarily required, otherwise not.

General data protection Regulation (GDPR):

General data protection Regulation allows your data to be in the safe hand, and you don’t have to worry about your personal or the official information. The European Union laws don’t allow the companies which save your data for their usage. They have to protect the data from the misuse.

The GDPR will be in the laws on May 25th, 2018. It will be quite difficult for the companies to implement fast because of its advancement. But once it gets in use, it will be straightforward in use due to his regulations.