What Happens After An Amusement Park Accident?

When amusement parks first started opening, park owners were not overly concerned with patron safety. But as new laws went into effect and competition among parks increased, the park owners started investing a lot of money into ride safety. The customer experience is extremely important at an amusement park, and owners attempt to improve that experience by learning from each accident and making necessary improvements.

Shut The Ride Down

The first step in an amusement park ride accident is to shut the ride down until a full report is done. Most states have laws dictating how an investigation is to take place, but park owners understand the high profile a ride investigation can have. That is why a ride is immediately closed when there is an accident and the ride remains closed until the investigation is over.

A Detailed Look At The Ride

After the ride has been closed, the park will send out for an amusement accident analysis. This is a process where a team of amusement ride experts is brought in to do a comprehensive inspection of the ride to determine the cause of the accident. In most cases, the park owner will take the advice of the team of investigators and take the necessary steps to make the ride perfectly safe for future park visitors.

Releasing Results

Amusement park owners used to be very quiet about ride inspections, but they quickly realized that being quiet meant that people did not want to use the ride anymore. These days, amusement parks will normally release their ride inspection information and alert the public as to what has been done to make the ride safe. This transparent approach to ride repair helps to give the public the information it needs to know that the ride is safe once again.

Amusement park owners used to be very quiet when a ride would go wrong. But today, the inspection of a ride that malfunctioned is released to the public, and the amusement park lets the public know what has been done to make the ride safe.